Scars of the Underdark

Prisoners of the Drow

The drow outpost is located high in a cavern, built 100 feet above the rocky floor. The outpost consists of a series of small caves in the cavern walls and four “hanging towers” – hollowed-out stalactites connected by walkways, stairs, and rope bridges. The towers are concealed by the thick webs of giant spiders stretched below them, so that only the lowermost parts of the stalactites are visible from the cavern floor.

With the small amount of dim light used in the outpost shielded from the cavern floor below, one might walk the entire length of the cleft without becoming aware of the outpost overhead, hidden in the darkness above the range of torches and lanterns. The giant spiders also serve as guards, dropping down on their web strands to prey upon creatures that find their way into the cavern. Similarly, drow warriors can drop to the cave floor on lines of spider silk to ambush enemies.

Three caves and tow hanging towers surrounding a platform make up the main part of the outpost for the drow warriors. The largest of the hanging towers is reserved for the priestesses and the shrine of Lolth, while the other is a guard tower opposite the cave used to hold slaves. North of the slave pen is the den of the outpost’s quaggoth servants. Watch posts lie at either end of the outpost, near the northern and southern entrances to the cavern.

Captured by the drow! You wouldn’t wish this fate upon anyone, yet here you are – locked in a dark ave, the cold, heavy weight of metal tight around your throat and wrists. You are not alone. Other prisoners are trapped in here with you, in an underground outpost far from the light of the sun.

The Drow guards like to impress there will  and remind you that your life now belongs to them. “Accept your fate, learn to obey, and you may survive.” Their words echo in your memory, even a you plot your escape.

Over the next few days, you and your fellow prisoners managed to scavenge a few items while doing hard labor around the prison camp that may be helpful in your escape attempt – a gold coin, a piece of rope, a flint dagger, and a crossbow bolt coated in drow poison.



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