Patrin Spellscale

Dragonborn Sorcerer


Patrin is a young dragonborn from Tymanther. He was raised by his father Balasar until he reached his teenage years. Balasar taught him most of what he knows about sorcery and the tenets of Bahamut.

When Patrin was old enough to care for himself, his father went away to become an adventurer and Patrin stayed in Tymanther and became a servant at the temple of Bahamut for several years.

He didn’t hear too much of his father’s adventures, but did hear that he had joined a band called the Black Phoenix who was a group of some renown in the lands to the northwest. They had fought a great many battles against the forces of evil. The last they were seen they were entering a tower, except for the Paladin of the group, who for some reason ran away. Apparently the door magically sealed shut behind them when they entered, which seems like bullshit, and they were never seen again.

Patrin, finally reaching adulthood several years later, has decided to follow in his father’s footsteps and become an adventurer… He decided to head to the lands to the northwest as his father had. He is not necessarily looking for his father, though he holds out hope that he is still alive, despite the others acting as if he was dead. Rather, he is looking to further the cause of the Dragonborn and Bahamut, which is after all a much greater cause.


Patrin Spellscale

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