Enoki Take

Small dark blue myconoid – almost black with ligher blue gills. This druid is almost always in deep contimplation


Living a long life of shared work and contemplation Enoki has tended to the small Island’s thallus of mycelium which has prospered under Enoki’s care. Originally from Neverlight Grove it trained under the great myconoid sovereigns. From its contemplations of brief interruptions of stay travelers on the Dark Lake it believes there is something amiss in the Underdark – the natural order has been disrupted. Enoki fears the areas of faerzress has been growing due to some kind of demonic incursion. From rapports on stray mycelium spores it fears its own colony might be in jeopardy. It wishes to investigate what is going on in its long absence.

It is a small Myconoid only 4ft high and weighing only 20 pounds. It is a dark blue – almost black and has ligher blue gills. It has bright green eyes that glow slightly with phosphorescence. Smaller mushrooms of various colors and shapes grow off its body. It does not have the normal bodily functions of most humanoids – no sex organs, it absorbs its food through its thick membrane – extending tendrils of mycelium into its food. Preferring rotting meat and defecation to fresh meat and vegetables, absorbing strange things like oil, acids and poisons in small doses. The only thing it shares is that Enoki loves the taste for alcohol. He eats half as much as most humanoids – ½ pound a food a day but requires twice as much water – 2 gallons a day. It moves stiffly at 25 and wears a breastplate of turtleshell, carries a quarterstaff and wooden shield.


Enoki Take

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