Jim the Minotaur Barbarian


Born in the Labyrinth

You are from Filthriddens a shanty town of Underdark exiles and refugees. You had lived there in relative peace until the demon lord Yeenoghu was named the new protector and patron of Filthriddens. Residents who opposed this dark worship were exiled or executed in short order, especially all Minotaur – and a bounty was put upon any Minotaur head that was brought to the town. The cult of Yeenoghu now controls the settlement. When you were driven out they killed off or scattered the majority of your tribe. You were captured by Koa Toa as you sought safety and a new home on the shores of the dark lake. They prepared you as a sacrifice to their Dark Father and it was luck and/fate that brought you to this band of escaped slaves. For now this seems to be your best/only hope for survival.



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