Zoltan Ironstriker


Zoltan is currently lvl 2 and his character sheet is below. Zoltan_Ironstriker_Sheet.pdf


Zoltan is a Gold Dwarf who grew up in a settlement in the Giant’s Run Mountains, east of Baulder’s Gate. He learned forge-craft from his great-grandfather and made some coin that way. He met his wife Ilde on trade route from the Smoking Mountains and took her home to be wed soon after. She birthed him 6 kinder, the oldest at the time of his death was only 10. Their names were Zoltan Jr., Orsik, Torgga, Oskar, Helja and little Ildear, from eldest to youngest. It was a Duergar raid that took them from him, along with years of hard work. Broken, wounded and alone, he spent a few years drinking himself blind and finding ways to reopen his old scars, drunken fist brawls mostly. He had lost everything, until he found himself awake at the steps to a temple to Moradin, the All-Father. An elder priest had dragged his drunk ass inside, watered and fed him. And spend hours and days listening and keeping Zoltan company. The Priest’s name is Baern Faithsman. Baern spoke often of Moradin’s capacity for power and how the art of creation of physical things allows for the enhancement of one’s own soul. Zoltan sobered up (mostly) and took back up his craft, and learnt a new one, Clericshood. He pledged his name and life to Moradin for the chance at greatness, glory and vengeance against the Duergar fiends. It is at this time, a time of recovery and vigor, near his 58th birthday that we would begin.

Zoltan Ironstriker

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