Dawnbringer is an intelligent sword that had been lost in the Tomb of Khaem from the fall of Netheril

Forged by ancient sun worshipers, the Dawnbringer is meant to bring light into darkness and to fight creatures of darkness. It is kind and compassionate to those in need, speaking in a kind and feminine voice, but is fierce and destructive to its enemies. Long years in the darkness have made the sword frightened of both the dark and abandonment. It prefers that its blade is always present and shedding light in areas of darkness and it strongly resists being parted from its wielder for any length of time.

The sword has the following properties:

  • Intelligent – Int 12, Wis 15, Cha 14, hearing and darkvision out to 120 ft, knows all languages that its bearer knows and can speak to them telepathically
  • Able to cast Lesser Restoration once per day, refreshes at dawn (even if the sun isn’t visible)
  • +2 to attack and damage rolls with this weapon
  • Use a bonus action to call forth and extinguish the blade which deals damage as a longsword but deals radiant damage instead of slashing damage and has the finesse property
  • Deals an extra 1d8 radiant damage against fiends and undead
  • When the blade is called forth, it sheds bright light in a 15-ft radius and dim light for another 15-ft beyond that – this radius can be increased or decreased in 5-ft increments to a minimum of 10 feet each and a maximum of 30 feet each. This light is considered natural sunlight


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